MatTek Life Sciences is a biotech company focused on reliable in vitro human tissue model innovation, located in Ashland, Massachusetts.

 I started working at MatTek Life Sciences as an intern in May 2019. Since then I have been promoted to Creative Content Manager, rebranded (twice), created materials for our holiday parties, and completed countless supplemental projects. I have to admit that rebranding MatTek was, and is, one of the most rewarding projects I have had the pleasure of working on.

I kicked off the project by having our CEO and director of marketing answer some basic questions about MatTek and the direction they would like to see the company move forward in. It was an efficient way to help me get to know the brand and target audience. The answers serve as a creative brief that will dictate the direction on which I based my research and the style I will push the company.

I quickly realized the company’s current placement needed a swift update to the direction they were striving to be competitive with. The director of marketing has also expressed in her response that Corporation was too broad and Life Sciences was the market they should be perceived as and we’re competitive with. This singular response gave me the “ahh ha” moment. The moment when a designer can see the entire potential that a company can really thrive. This was the moment I could make their visions a reality all based on some simple responses to a company they think about every day.

I made a list of all the related keywords and the most important ideals to be displayed in the logo and brand package. With this in mind I research competitors and dominating forces within the life sciences space. After learning more about the life sci industry I created a presentation with all the main points previously expressed and complemented their ideas with a mood board to bring this vision to life. Brand presentations are important to confirm what they expressed I had properly understood. They had expressed they would like a rebrand/refresh. I could update the brandmark on the condition the logotype would have to stay similar to their current lockup. Now we could both confidently move forward in the ideation stage and I had my work cut out for me.

Modernizing a life sciences company with a focus on better science and non-animal testing. My initial ideas for MatTek displayed 5 different marks, for MatTek’s 5 different business units, that grow or morph as human life and cells do. I would walk around the old mill building, with my 4 x 6 Pantone sketchbook, jotting down all sorts of marks. Anything that came to mind while watching automated robots pipetting liquid into plastic dishes. I kept coming back to the idea of growing human cells, expanding life, in plastic plates. I had narrowed it down to two brandmarks. We decided on the brandmark with 5 rounded dots (rounded and diamond shape to commemorate the previous logo) embracing MatTek’s upward mobility and growth.

I present MatTek Life Sciences!

Above is an example of a landing page promoted for communications on social.

Brand Applied to Homepage