Flat Duck Brewery Company is a small business created for our two favorite kinds of people; fathers and corny joke lovers. Our founders started brewing with the most locally sourced ingredients while keeping our old man humor alive. I designed and prototyped all the beer cans while individualizing all of the tall boys.

I am very passionate about beer, that is where the entire idea of creating a micro-brewery originated. I wanted to create a brand that was eye catching on shelves for all genders while keep the dad humor alive.

This is the flagship brew for Flat Duck. Originally “Ask Yah Mothah” was bottled now only sold in Tall Boy Cans.

The tools are composed of three strokes; two of which are in the same monochromatic scheme with a black outline. Each can has the Surgeon General warning, the story, address, and a different label. The label lists the name of the brewery and beer along with the batch number, Alcohol by Volume, International Bitterness Unit, and the Fluid Ounces.