Transit Matters is solely owned and operated by Professor Jonathan Harris. He builds and designs alternative transit structures to promote the interaction between individuals with each other and their environments. My team and I had been giving a logo to use and were tasked to create brand standards and various collateral.

As we all defined a brand they worked on the website as I had created an instruction manual as a guide for our client to regularly update his website. The instruction manual has an easy to follow table of contents designed within the brand standard.

For each of the blog post pages the numbers divide each step. The steps that require a more in depth explanation have a large left margin to indent them under the overarching step.

The ‘editing your profile’ page follows the basic layout and brand standards. For a step that demands updating in multiple sections subsections will be used for the user to follow.

Images of the WordPress pages have also been incorporated for items that are at times more confused to understand. Blue pages used as the background pages are used to display basic information regarding the manual itself or WordPress, they are used as overview pages.