Headland is a hypothetical flannel company created for durability, comfort, and style. Headland teamed up with Levi Strauss & Co. based off their initiatives; clothing made to meet peoples needs can and will make a difference. The name Headland refers to the highest point of a mountain which is only obtained from taking risk to push yourself to see the beauty.


The logo incorporates mountains and a triangle. The triangle represents strength from the evenly distributed weight on all three sides. The mountains refer to Headland’s roots and company name. The shoes within this project are a collaboration between the two companies.

I bought the Levi’s Sonoma Waxed Men’s Boot, this is where the shoe first derived from in the fictitious collaboration.


The following shoes display my own photography which has been edited to create the different shoes in this project. The flannels used are all real flannel patterns with edited colors to match the shoes to be realistic.

The earthy-crunchy style of the shoes with the flannels are complimented with a wooden box to have the shoes be sold in.