Celiac Disease is a common disease that restricts the small intestine from absorbing the nutrients in gluten, which causes difficulty in absorbing food. The Celiac Disease Foundation was founded in 1990 by Elaine Monarch to serve as a forum for people with wheat sensitivity to discuss the challenges and ways to deal with the disease. The foundation has since expanded their goals to now researching for cures.


Above is the existing logo the CDF currently displays on their website and all branding aspects of the company.  

The new logo incorporates a new color palette, aiming to attract a larger audience with a friendlier, and more refined design. Instead of having a monochromatic logo, the idea for the new brand is to bring forth a new more exciting feel to help people understand Celiac and those who have it feel more comfortable.

The graphics are approachable for individuals of all ages by incorporating facts while still containing playful vectors. CDF’s new pattern displays the new logo repeated various times, it is created in a subtle way that doesn’t overwhelm or take away from the apparel design. 

Annually the CDF’s teams up with Skechers on a collaborating run, this exposure is helpful for CDF to get their name recognized more. Team Gluten-Free is CDF’s platform for diagnosed patients to meet each other and have a platform to reach out to similar people in their shoes. All participants who have signed up through Celiac.org will receive a complimentary water bottle upon check in.