Evolve Power Yoga is a versatile, active breath-to-body heated vinyasa yoga experience. The new storefront is located in the heart of South Boston, MA. Here they offer reliable and consistent classes led by experienced instructors to the local primary audience of mothers, young professionals, and yoga enthusiasts.

Evolve Power Yoga is a newly constructed studio explicitly designed for the practice of Heated Vinyasa in the heart of South Boston. The branding was a collaboration between Ben Regan, www.benjregan.com, and me. Operating under our freelancing studio Glass Half Design, https://glasshalfdesign.com.  


A huge thank you to our amazing client and founder of Evolve Power Yoga, Danielle. We start all our projects with a zoom call to discuss the project and scope. Before meeting our new client we sent over the brand package options and our brand sprint. 


My Brand Sprint consists of Four Stages followed by an open section for notes.

What, How, and Why? – By establishing a target and purpose for your brand.

Who is it For? – With your brand’s purpose now defined, establishing your audience and the people
you serve is the next step.

Why do they Choose You? – Your audience has chosen you, whether they know it or not because their values align with yours.

How are you viewed? – One-word; Emotions, Customers, Future, Initial Thoughts about Business

Danielle knew her vision for EPY and knew everything she wanted her brand to encompass. During our first call, we took the time to take notes and understand her vision for the community space. We quickly learned this isn’t just a yoga studio. The underlying theme is community. The studio contains custom-built floors restored from a historic church and resides within a building with offices, a coffee shop, a daycare, and various lunch spots. The ideal audience persona is driven, hard-working mothers possibly dropping their kids off at the daycare within the building and making some time for themselves. Secondary personas are local students or young working professionals. Being within Southie, these personas are hitting nails on the head. We hit the ground running and began our idetation stage.


Separately we pumped out some sketching and preliminary logos within the direction of the brand sprint. Southie is one of the most highly gentrified areas of Boston, a market we were very excited to help grow. With this in mind, it is vital to design an eye-catching, modern logo to catch the eyes of our secondary persona profiles. Luckily for Evolve, they have an IDEAL window space for young professional eyes. Just across the street is a very popular and highly trafficked Mexican restaurant. Later Evolve will offer promotions with this restaurant.

From sketches to digital files Ben and I will come together to narrow down our top 3 logo directions to present. We will offer one round of revision before moving on to our deliverables.

These are the three directions we compromised to present. All three evoke a unique persona and feeling surrounding Evolve Power Yoga. All logos were created with versatility and specific values in mind. Omitted are the color palettes, which is our next step along with any refinements or revisions necessary to perfect your chosen logo.


After presenting a handful of ideas we came to our final execution of this design. The icon is an abstraction of the lotus pose, with amorphous shapes flowing together and evolving into each other. From here we went on to expand the brand, creating secondary brand marks and developing a color palette that evokes peace and mindfulness.

The store front was my largest and most intensive part of the project, I had worked with the City for 5-weeks on presenting a window design all while clearing it with Danielle. After the City and Danielle had agreed and approved the design I contacted our print shop to help install the design. A perfect window for all eyes to see from Broadway street.

The entire project was a fever dream and we couldn’t have been any happier with the final brand. Evolve is thriving more than ever and always looking for new teachers and accepting new clients daily.

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