MatTek Life Sciences is a biotech company focused on reliable in vitro human tissue model innovation, located in Ashland, Massachusetts. 

 I started working at MatTek Life Sciences as an intern. Since then I have been promoted to Graphic Design Specialist, rebranded, created materials for our summer and holiday party, and completed countless other projects. Rebranding MatTek was, and is, one of the most rewarding projects I have had the pleasure of working on.

Above is the Primary logo displayed in the brand book distributed to all of the current MatTek employees. The book also displays everything from logo logistics to color palettes and typography.
After defining branding materials, I moved forward creating a catalog for one of the five main business units MatTek offers, Cultureware.

Along with these few pieces of print material, I designed apparel, collateral, and a tradeshow booth to be given out during our first exhibition.

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